28 January, 2012

An Empty Cup that runneth over?

A long time has passed since I ventured into THIS playground....

I am recently being encouraged to muse on the similarities of Form and Emptiness as understood by people at different ends of the Elephant. I share first a quote, and then some thoughts...

“Form can be understood as ‘existence’ and emptiness as ‘non-existence’. Emptiness however, is not merely ‘nothing’. Emptiness is the arena in which everything occurs. It is the creative space in which form comes into being. Form can only exist because of emptiness...

We must enjoy emptiness if we are to enjoy form. A gracious relationship with form is impossible unless we relate courageously with emptiness – because emptiness and form are aspects of each other. This endless non-dual reflection is the limitless dance of Vajrayana Buddhism. Our spiritual practice consists simply of learning to dance with the emptiness and form of phenomena." (End of quote from Arobuddhism.org)
My thoughts... 

This endless non-dual reflection of form and emptiness is also, I believe The Song of the Universe which is the Openness of God. Illustrated through the kenosis (emptying of ego) of  Jesus of Nazareth, this undescribable “cloud of unknowing” is  echoed in  the dark night of the soul experienced by St John of the Cross, and the counsel of  Master Eckhart of self-detachment and even “letting go of God”.

It is the process relational understanding of John Cobb. It is what Beverly Lanzetta  - in her book Towards a Radical Theology of Openness - calls “the other side of nothingness.”

Thanks be to God.

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  1. thanks for sharing your depth tang - I fully understand your point. Also been struggeling with the cold scientific approach where all is reduced to atoms - molecules - synapses and farts - you surely would appreciate reading ken wilber - especially his book called "The marriage of Sense and Soul"

    greetings from priest_of_art...smiles